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02/23/2020 – Washington, DC

Private: Conference on the First-Year Experience: "Where higher ed professionals can support student learning, development, and and success in the first college year." Sponsored by the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition.

02/27/2020 – Philadelphia, PA

Private: 2020 conference of the National Association of Independent Schools. Irshad will be featured in the plenary session about the future of education. Her speech is entitled, "Moral Courage: Teaching Beyond Us-Versus-Them."

03/04/2020 – Victoria, BC

Private: Conference of the Western Vice-Presidents of Academic and Research, sponsored by the University of Manitoba. More information to come.

03/09/2020 – New York, NY

Private: Moral courage mentorship at Trinity School: "We must ask our young people what they believe in so they can know themselves in the world. We must give them the tools of rigorous and passionate intellectual inquiry and self-expression so they can grow. In our commitment to diversity, we must show our students how to be colleagues and friends so they can act out of respect and love. We must lead them to distinguish right from wrong and then do what is right so they can be persuasive and courageous citizens." Photo: Josh Cuppek.

03/22/2020 – Oxford, UK

Private: Week-long seminar series on conflict, peace, and moral courage. Hosted by Merton College and sponsored by the Oxford Initiative for Global Ethics and Human Rights: "Teaching for the greater good and building community across disciplines—law, political science, international politics, gender, anthropology, diplomacy, development, religion, the arts and public policy—to critically deliberate on global ethics, human rights and finding hope in challenging times."

04/01/2020 – Morocco to Ghana

Private: Two weeks of sailing from Morocco to Ghana while while teaching moral courage to an international student body. Sponsored by Semester at Sea: "Educating individuals with the global understanding necessary to address the challenges of our interdependent world. With the world as our classroom, our programs integrate multiple-country study, interdisciplinary coursework, and experiential learning for meaningful engagement in the global community."

Irshad Manji

Edmonton, Alberta… Portland, Oregon… Toronto, Ontario… London, England… Sydney, Australia… and more.

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