We rightly swoon over #AmandaGorman, yet here’s another moment: Justice Sotomayor mispronouncing VP Harris’s first name. Simple human mistake. But if Madam Justice was a conservative, woke Twitter... would be freaking. And they’d still applaud Ms. Gorman’s plea to lay down arms. 😔

BREAKING NEWS: You can stop paying for @CNN. You won’t miss a thing.

How the @MoralCourage of #MLK inspired my own work as a Muslim reformer.👇🏽And yes, that’s @BerniceKing behind me. We were at @ebenezer_atl, Dr. King’s church.) What has his and ... #CorettaScottKing’s example taught you? #MLKDay2021

Planning to respectfully disrupt some core assumptions in how DEI is practiced these days. If you’re an innovative exec, you’ll be excited. If you’re a status quo diversity disciple, you’ll be... annoyed. Either way, attend, think, and question.👇🏽#DisruptDEI @MoralCourage


Join us for an industry panel featuring @IrshadManji, Founder @MoralCourage, @gopalansuman, CHRO @FreshworksInc, & @ShoeAmy, Chief Talent Officer @Plancorp_LLC. Moderated by @KathyGurchiek, Associate Editor, HR News @SHRM

📆 January 27 | 10 am PT

Let’s break the habit of placing people into clearly demarcated boxes, oversimplifying or generalizing their experiences. Listen to @IrshadManji speak about her new book and a different way of ... thinking about identity: http://nbcnews.to/35GHSDQ

God Almighty, I thank you for calling Rev. Dr. @BerniceKing to be a teacher, ambassador, and champion of #nonviolence in these violent times. As her mother always told her, somebody has to stop the ... cycle. Let’s ask: Why not us and why not now? @TheKingCenter #BelovedCommunity

In 5 mins: Rev. Dr. @BerniceKing speaks to “The Urgency of the Beloved Community.” But wait — how do we get there in this toxic Us-Against-Them time? Stick around for the panel immediately ... after.👇🏽 It all starts at 12 ET TODAY. Streaming at http://thekingcenter.org. #MLKDay2021

TODAY at 12:30pm ET, @RevDrBarber joins panelists @benphillips76 & @IrshadManji for @TheKingCenter’#BelovedCommunity Global Summit, moderated by @VonnettaLWest, to discuss “Perspectives On ... Creating The Beloved Community.” #PoorPeoplesCampaign

Streaming: http://thekingcenter.org

After last week’s violence on Capitol Hill, what does the #BelovedCommunity even mean? And how do we get there? I’m freaking delighted to engage with these upstanders.👇🏽You’re invited, ... too. Log on this Thursday at 12:30 pm ET. Free tix: https://bit.ly/38zPvhv. @TheKingCenter

Vonnetta L. West@VonnettaLWest

Honored to be moderating the opening panel for @TheKingCenter’s #BelovedCommunity Global Summit, Thursday, 12:30pm ET. Panelists: @IrshadManji @benphillips76 @RevDrBarber. Streaming on Twitter, Facebook and http://www.thekingcenter.org. #MLK #MLKDay

Allow me to clarify. Elizabeth Warren got what she wanted: Betsy DeVos’s resignation. Thus, “winner.” Then Warren complained about getting what she wanted. Thus, “sore.” A + B = “sore ... winner.” Ok, resume your retorts. Thank you.


No question that @realDonaldTrump is an excruciatingly sore loser. That said, how many of us will admit that @ewarren is a sore winner? 👇🏽Anyone? Bueller? https://twitter.com/SenWarren/status/1347373567898431489

Folks keep saying that 1/6/21 will go down as a “dark day” for America. Really? On this day, Trump’s opponents won control of federal governance & the basest of his base lost control of ... self-governance. Combine these & you get the certifiable end of “President” Trump.

Dark? ☀️

More accusations of me being “dangerous” for disagreeing with some of my fellow educators.👇🏽It’s ok to think differently, people. That’s part of diversity. So why such fragility?

ᵐˣ. ᶦⁿᵍʳᶦᵈ@MagpieLibrarian

@IrshadManji @ALALibrary It's not "any book". It's *these* books. And denying that is willfully ignorant and honestly dangerous. Your words matter.

Rebekah Jones, who was fired after accusing Gov. Ron DeSantis' administration of minimizing the pandemic and skewing state data, attracted national attention after her house was raided by armed state ... police on Monday morning. https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/08/us/rebekah-jones-whistleblower-raid-invs/index.html

“We are the answer to meeting this moment. And civility is not enough. It will take what my friend Irshad Manji calls @MoralCourage — doing the right thing in the face of your fears.” - @esanzi,... who role-models open-minded, big-hearted, ego-effacing citizenship every day. 👇🏽 https://twitter.com/esanzi/status/1324330766055165953

Erika Sanzi@esanzi

My monthly column in the local paper runs today -- I highlight the important work of @braverangels and my pal @IrshadManji because of how vital they are to putting us back together.
cc: @JohnRWoodJr


4.5 hours have passed since the news broke that the FBI stopped a group of domestic terrorists from kidnapping the Governor of Michigan, and still no word from @POTUS @realDonaldTrump.


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