Forget lectures, theories & seminars. Pluralism -- diversity of viewpoint, not just diversity of appearance -- needs an anthem, a mascot, a way to get kids singin', dancin', listenin' & ...empathizin'. Voila. Teachers, get involved:

Exactly 50 yrs ago, 🇨🇦 welcomed my refugee fam from 🇺🇬. Agent in Montreal saw 3 little girls w tropical clothes. She asked Mum if we’d all prefer Canada’s warmest city: chilly ...Vancouver. Such empathy! Mum says we won “the lottery of life.” TY, 🇨🇦, for the fleece AND peace.

I had a dream… to teach @MoralCourage w @TheKingCenter. Last week, I did. Now let’s bring the art/science of nonviolence to more ppl, esp on this ultra-educational platform. 😆

Lesson 1: To ...rumble effectively, be humble immediately. Blame neuroscience!

‘Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…’ - Romans 12:2.

Tonight, on behalf of @TheKingCenter, I’ll begin teaching a two-part workshop about how to ...transform your world and not merely change it.


Be A King @BerniceKing

We need #MoralCourage to transform our hearts, minds, systems, practices, and communities. Join @TheKingCenter October 19 and 20, as we host Professor @IrshadManji and her powerful learning ...experience, ‘Moral Courage.’

Register here:

Just heard that college students are joining this workshop.👇🏽That’s yummy. l love learning from anybody who respectfully dissents with my teachings. Let’s have the most honest convo ever ...about the potent difference between being respectable (boo!) and being respectful (bravo!)✌🏽

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center @TheKingCenter

Starts TOMORROW! Slots still available. The King Center is honored to host Professor @IrshadManji, as she guides #virtual participants in exploring her powerful teaching on ‘Moral Courage’. ...Register at #NV365 #Nonviolence

The best reason to get over my cold and recover my voice? So I’ll be ready to teach @MoralCourage on behalf of @TheKingCenter. 🎉 Our two-part workshop starts Wednesday evening. Scholarships are ...available. Register:

Here’s what’s in it for you… 👇🏽

Be A King @BerniceKing

#MoralCourage matters.

Check out this message from Professor @IrshadManji, who @TheKingCenter is honored to host, as she shares her powerful teaching on ‘Moral Courage.’

#Virtual series starts
Register at #Scholarships available.

Announcing a partnership with that will help spur the worldwide adoption of Diversity Without Division, the uniquely unifying inclusion program innovated by @MoralCourage College. Details to be ...released in our newsletter on Monday. Sign up:

I’m looking forward to this! Join @TheKingCenter October 19 and 20, as we host Professor @IrshadManji and her powerful learning experience, ‘Moral Courage.’

Register here: ...

#NV365 #Nonviolence365

Heading home to #NYC after another fabulous visit with @MoralCourage partner school, @Ridley_College — a leader in positive psychology not just within Canada, but across North America. ...#HappyThanksgiving to the entire Ridley community. I’m grateful for you. 🧡 #Belong @ed_kidd

Ed Kidd @ed_kidd

Welcome back @IrshadManji We are eager to continue our @MoralCourage journey @Ridley_College #diversitywithoutdivision

3 simple yet transformative words account for much of the moral authority & strategic brilliance of the civil rights generation. Yet these words have gone missing from the education that ...advocates & allies receive today. Let me teach them to you on Oct 19/20. 👇🏽@TheKingCenter

Be A King @BerniceKing

I’m looking forward to @TheKingCenter’s upcoming #NV365 series on ‘Moral Courage’ with Professor @IrshadManji.

#LinkInBio or Register here:

‘Nonviolence doesn’t ask us to do nothing. Of course we must do. But how we do it is crucial. Nonviolence is a way of being that influences the doing.’ — Dr. @VonnettaLWest, senior trainer at... @TheKingCenter’s Beloved Community Leadership Academy.

You can make a statement. Or you can also make a difference.👇🏽

@MoralCourage @TheKingCenter @StandTogether @FetzerInstitute

Be A King @BerniceKing

I invite you to join @TheKingCenter and Professor @IrshadManji, Wednesday, 10/19 & Thursday, 10/20, as we explore Professor Manji’s teachings on #MoralCourage and how to transform contentious ...issues into constructive conversation and action. Register NOW. Scholarships available!

Time to decide the winning caption 👇🏽 — and I need your help:

A) “Told by the mullahs to choose between Al-lah and Al Franken, Irshad rejected their their crude binary & chose ...Al-Manji”

B) “Another successful match made on”

Is the winner A or B? #Vote

Irshad @IrshadManji

Spoke to 500 Hollywood writers about why @MoralCourage is valuable in storytelling: it compels you to go off-script and surprise your audiences.

Then this guy spoke about comedy in anxious

Funniest caption wins an autographed copy of “Don’t Label Me.” @PropperDaley

Spoke to 500 Hollywood writers about why @MoralCourage is valuable in storytelling: it compels you to go off-script and surprise your audiences.

Then this guy spoke about comedy in anxious ...times.👇🏽

Funniest caption wins an autographed copy of “Don’t Label Me.” @PropperDaley

Thx, @CatoInstitute, for intro’ing my @MoralCourage team to these joyful folks: teachers who reconcile viewpoint diversity & social justice instead of caving to a crude binary. Culture warriors... are trapped in the either/or mindset. Culture healers are free. They embrace both/and.

I used to tell my ex, a former tennis player, that all of life isn’t a win-lose game. She doesn’t have to turn every discussion into a debate. Now, watching #Alcaraz and #Sinner, I’m ...temporarily in love with win-lose games. An unbelievable match. @usopen

A thrill & an honour to return to my childhood public school district, @RichmondSD38, to provide @MoralCourage professional development! How did I become way older than most of the ...educator-leaders attending? Just… how?? 😳

Christel Brautigam @CBrautigam38

And lucky us in @RichmondSD38 to hear her thought provoking and brilliant work in person! Highly recommend the Diversity Without Division online course as well ... @IrshadManji

If I could love @staceyabrams even more than I already do, this would be why.👇🏽

Ben Wexler @mrbenwexler

Oh my goodness watch this

Thrilled to bring my message of diversity without division to one of North America’s biggest unions, the @UFCWCanada. I honestly didn’t expect the standing O afterwards. Chi-miigwech for your ...gutsiness. 🙏🏽 #UFCW22

UFCW Canada @UFCWCanada

Honoured to be joined by the one and only @IrshadManji at #UFCW 22 for a very important conversation on practicing diversity without division.


To stick, empathy starts young. Kids need the skills to hear, not fear, different views. So we're giving K-5 teachers a fun, turn-key toolkit that'll get students stoked about learning the "how" of ...pluralism. Watch this video & visit

Parents: Here's a tune to help your kids build the habits of pluralism—empathy, curiosity, courage. Welcome to "We the Plurals." Watch the video (, then have your ...child's school create their own video to inspire others & win prizes!

My first dog, Lily, was blind. Yet she defied assumptions with her sass & spunk. We’re **all** much more than group labels. Which is why engaging is better than assuming. Teachers: Want your to learn this? Join the campaign we're launching next week. Here's a peek:

'Don't reduce diversity to demographics labels. Expand it to embrace different viewpoints. That's how we achieve unity without conformity. ... Let's have the @MoralCourage to turn contentious issues ...into constructive conversations and shared action.'

In @nytopinion, @JohnHMcWhorter says he has hope for diversity of thought. Among his reasons: @MoralCourage College & our unifying inclusion program, “Diversity Without Division.” Another ...reason for his hope: @cvaldary and her Theory of Enchantment. Yup, we keep good company. 👊🏽