Three cheers for teachers who respect unorthodox perspectives about identity.👇🏽Bear in mind: “Respect” does not mean “agree with.” It means “engage with.” Which is what education is ... all about.

Amanda Smithfield@asmithfield

This is one of my favorite nonfiction books in my school library and I recommend it to students ALL the time.

The episode in which @BretWeinstein talks me off a (metaphorical) ledge. Does humanity deserve to survive? We go there.👇🏽

Perpetual Moto@PerpetualMoto

Thank you @BretWeinstein and @IrshadManji for this AMAZING conversation.

TY to friends & followers who’ve asked if I feel safe given violence against #AsianAmericans. Never will I say “it’s not my job to help you manage your own emotions.” You’re expressing ... your love. You don’t need my — or anyone else’s — approval for that. 🙏🏽 #Atlanta #guncontrol

I have loved learning @MoralCourage from @IrshadManji and am in practice of this every day since learning about her earlier this year. Book is ordered. The practice of listening before forming your ... own opinion (or sharing) is hard. But it is essential for community & progress.


What “respect” is — and isn’t... 👇🏽

To our pattern-seeking brains, the phrase “diversity & inclusion” says that inclusion comes *after* diversity. No. A culture of inclusion has to precede diversity so everyone - queer POC &... straight white guy - can trust they’ll be respected under “diversity”. More👇🏽. #DisruptDEI


Do not miss author & founder of Moral Courage College, Irshad Manji, who will focus on how to communicate effectively across lines of difference & even disagreement in her keynote "How to Build a Culture of Inclusion: The Moral Courage Method" #CAISNLC2021

The @LantosFndn, named for the only Holocaust survivor elected to the U.S. Congress, does brave work. Lately, it’s helped lead the fight to end China’s extermination of #Uyghur Muslims. I’m ... proud to be in the company of all Lantos Laureates. @ChineseEmbinUS @congressdotgov #IWD

Lantos Foundation for Human Rights & Justice@LantosFndn

On this day, we recognize all five of the exceptional women who have been honored with the Lantos Human Rights Prize: @HillaryClinton @IrshadManji @Ayaan @VianDakhil and “mother of the Uyghur people” @KadeerRebiya. #IWD2021 2

“SHRM” is the Society for Human Resource Management. They’re promoting one of my pieces on this #InternationalWomensDay. That’s gutsy of them because in the first para, I point out that ... “white fragility” is a toxic theory. TY, @SHRM, for your @MoralCourage.👇🏽


SHRM Executive Network@SHRMExecNetwork

Happy #InternationalWomensDay!
Take the day to recoginize incredible insight that raises awareness around #genderequity from thought-leaders;
@IrshadManji -
@LaurieCure -
@davidgsmithphd & W. Brad Johnson -

Tonight, @TheAgenda on @TVO will show what @michaelcoren & I looked like almost 30 years ago. No rudeness intended, but let’s just say we’ve both lost hair on different parts of our bodies. ... You’ll see what I mean if you watch. 8 & 11 pm ET. Oh, and the topic is free speech. 🔥

Steve Paikin@spaikin

For the first time in 25 years, we're putting the "Friendly Fire" duo back together on TV. @IrshadManji and @michaelcoren join @ShreeParadkar and @jonkay to discuss how free our speech in Canada truly is. @TheAgenda at 8/11pm tonight @tvo. #FreeSpeech #DemocracyAgenda #democracy

Dear once-purple, now blue-ish state of Colorado: Here’s your chance to weigh in about identity, integrity, free speech, and social justice. I’m inviting tough q’s and disagreement with my ... ideas. The only way you’ll offend me is by self-censoring. Sign up!👇🏽

CWA Boulder@CWABoulder

Join us this Thursday at 5:30 p.m. MST for a virtual event with the author of "Don't Label Me: How to Do Diversity Without Inflaming the Culture Wars" by New York Times bestselling author and founder of the Moral Courage Project @IrshadManji. RSVP today!

Who’s the dude with no hair calling “old”? If I didn’t like him so much, I might be offended. (Actually, I wouldn’t. But I do love @michaelcoren.) @TheAgenda @spaikin

Rev. Michael Coren@michaelcoren

On @TheAgenda on @tvo on Thursday. It was, I think, a very good discussion about freedom of speech. Also, wonderful to see my old friend @IrshadManji again.

It's here! The official trailer for MISSISSIPPI TURNING, a Documentary Short Starring @GenesisBe & co-produced w/ @MoralCourage. When your state flag contains an emblem that's been used as a ... symbol of hate, how do you engage with those who consider it part of their heritage?

Rebekah Jones, who was fired after accusing Gov. Ron DeSantis' administration of minimizing the pandemic and skewing state data, attracted national attention after her house was raided by armed state ... police on Monday morning.

“We are the answer to meeting this moment. And civility is not enough. It will take what my friend Irshad Manji calls @MoralCourage — doing the right thing in the face of your fears.” - @esanzi,... who role-models open-minded, big-hearted, ego-effacing citizenship every day. 👇🏽

Erika Sanzi@esanzi

My monthly column in the local paper runs today -- I highlight the important work of @braverangels and my pal @IrshadManji because of how vital they are to putting us back together.
cc: @JohnRWoodJr


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