We need an antidote to polarization. With populism, climate change, mass migration, artificial intelligence, and other global challenges planting fear into people, we have to stand up for what’s right — without sowing the backlash that comes from shaming and humiliating those who have a different point of view.

This takes moral courage, the skill to turn disagreement into engagement and, ultimately, into shared action.

The Moral Courage Academy teaches this skill to three audiences:


Certifying teachers of moral courage

We’re developing an online course for certified teachers who want to introduce moral courage to their students. And after completing the online course, educators can deepen their commitment to moral courage by taking an in-person, multi-day, immersive course with me.


A different approach to diversity and inclusion

Let’s face it, companies are terrified of inflaming the culture wars at work. But conventional “diversity training” so often drains productivity. It demoralizes people. It plants the seeds of further conflict among co-workers. The Moral Courage Academy offers a different approach to diversity and inclusion — an approach that the renowned sociologist, Jonathan Haidt, has said, “….”


A global network of moral courage mentors

The Moral Courage Academy is training a global network of moral courage mentors who — as the name suggests — will mentor individual and groups in their own locales. Mentors might even earn money doing this: turning caustic polarization into constructive conversation requires skills that the market increasingly values. And after graduating from the Moral Courage Academy, mentors will be continually equipped with resources that are produced by the academy.

Those who complete their training in moral courage will get a diploma from the [link TK] Initiative for Global Ethics and Human Rights at Oxford University, where I teach. But you don’t have to go that far. The Moral Courage Academy has a hub in New York, where I live. I can also travel directly to you.

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