Diversity Dilemma #3

Diversity Dilemma #3

This is the third installment of a special series that I’ve contributed to “Modern Mentor,” a podcast that explores what helps and hinders success in the workplace.

If you’ve read the first and second installments, you know the context of this series: I’m handed a dilemma about how to do diversity without division. I’m invited to address this dilemma. And I’m given a maximum of 90 seconds to answer.

Game on.

Here’s this week’s dilemma: Most diversity training programs produce poor outcomes, but there isn’t really an alternative… is there?

Translation: For crying out loud, do we seriously need mounds of paperwork and loads of labels to recognize each other’s humanity and dignity?

No, we don’t. I explain below in just under 75 seconds. (But who’s counting?)

You might wondering: How do we know that diversity programs routinely fail? Read this comprehensive analysis by the Columbia University researcher, Musa al-Gharbi.

Ready to replace training with storytelling?

Photo credit: Christa Dodoo on Unsplash

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