Yes, And…

Yes, And…

In work and in life, one of the scariest things to do is negotiate with someone who disagrees with you. It takes moral courage to start, and sustain, that conversation.

When I teach this skill, a crucial part of my method is improvisational theater (“improv”). Each participant has to accept what every other participant is doing. If you want to move the play in a different direction, you won’t succeed merely by saying, “No.” Instead, you need to build on what’s happening in front of you, a technique known as “Yes, and…” The outcome is like a conversation in which everyone is heard.

That’s why I loved appearing on the “Getting to Yes, And” podcast. It’s produced by Second City — yup, the world-famous improv troupe. Listen to the full episode.

The interview launches on a somber note. But rest assured that after some serious conversation, it’s curtains up on the fun.

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